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VantageKnight is a strategic advisory and government relations firm specializing in representing leading corporations, organizations, and sovereign governments on a range of complex issues. Leveraging decades of experience in lobbying, public affairs and public relations, we provide political and media insights to our clients in Washington and globally. Our background enables us to develop and execute well-timed, tailored, proactive strategies that reach target audiences and deliver effective outcomes. We have a proven track record of success working at the highest levels of government, including the U.S. Congress, the White House and executive agencies. Our team has strong roots in the Western Hemisphere, Africa and Europe. Our mission is to create “value” and build long term relationships with clients.


Government Relations


Public Relations



“Ortiz is regarded as one of K Street’s most influential strategists”


-Washington Post


Government Relations

We know how the political process works and we understand what it takes to get results. We deploy our policy and political experience to advance our clients’ agenda in Washington. Leveraging our political insights and extensive network, we address critical priorities, solve crises, and guide our clients through legislative and regulatory challenges. Our proactive and targeted strategies serve as a roadmap to ensure long-term success. Based on our decades of experience within Washington, we are highly effective in engaging with Congressional policymakers, media outlets, and industry organizations. Our advocacy advances issues, opens doors, and delivers results.


Public Relations

We understand the value and power of media. Your voice and story is important. Our team leverages our political know-how with an in-depth understanding of media to develop and convey your narrative. As seasoned communicators, we are experts at crafting compelling messaging, targeting influential audiences, and engaging the media on issues. Our communications strategies and messaging provide clients with a powerful voice which we amplify across a range of platforms to ensure maximum resonance and effective outcomes. Complementing our knowledge of advocacy, our team’s background in strategic and corporate communications gives us a distinct advantage.



Our team of cross-cultural public affair experts and communicators are accustomed to rapidly changing political and economic environments. Coupled with our insight and expertise in international affairs, we have extensive background working closely with international corporations, multilateral institutions, and foreign governments to promote brand and reputation, facilitate trade and investment opportunities, and guide through the Washington policy arena.

We provide strategic advisory services to sovereign governments, corporations and international organizations around the globe with a strong focus on Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa. Our strong political, policy and communications insights guide companies and countries to create plans that achieve their policy goals in Washington.


  • Influence decision-makers

  • Policy analysis & strategic planning

  • Messaging Development

  • Bi-partisan stakeholder mapping & engagement

  • Legislative & regulatory issues management

  • Crisis planning & management

  • Coalition building & ally recruitment

“One of Washington’s Powerhouse Lobbyists”



  • Budget & Appropriations

  • Corporate & Business

  • Education

  • Transportation

  • Environment

  • Energy

  • Gaming

  • Taxes

  • Technology & Telecommunications

  • FARA

  • Financial Services

  • Health

  • Real Estate & Hospitality

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